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Strength training helps improve your body composition by increasing your muscle tissue and therefore increasing the daily metabolic demand on the body.

Strength TrainingCouple this style of training with a healthy diet and you get an effect that is second to none when it comes to improving your health, vivacity and vitality.


Words of Wisdom
"Our Strength Grows
Out Of Our Weaknesses"
Ralph Waldo Emmerson

You're only as STRONG
As your WEAKEST link...
Strength training can improve your body composition as well as your quality of life! Strength training with someone with my experience and expertise can improve your ability to perform movements and tasks that were previously difficult or painful. By reinforcing basic movement patterns such as squats, lunges, pushing, pulling, walking and twisting I can help to rebalance your body, improving your function, co-ordination, condition and composition. A stronger, leaner and healthier body awaits you without having to spend hours on aerobic equipment like treadmills, bikes and crosstrainers.

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Shoulder Rehab Exercise Injury Rehabilitation
I can develop you an individualised program to help you overcome injured joints, muscles and tendons as well as reducing the posibility of further or future injury. Whether it be shoulders, backs, knees or postural training, I have experience dealing with a range of issues and can help get you back to functioning more effectively and efficiently so that you aren't left behind inor suffering in your everyday life.

Sports Conditioning

When it comes to sport - you are truly only as strong as your weakest link! Neglecting basic principles such as Range of Movement, Specificity, Variation, Periodisation and Recovery can be detrimental to your performance. I use a combination of traditional strength training protocols alongside Olympic / Power Lifting techniques and Metabolic / Crossfit style circuits for physical conditioning to help athletes gain optimal physical condition. You will benefit from my ability to spot points of weakness that might lead to injury, protocols and programmes to increase muscle mass, strength, speed and function not to mention improve your body composition and as a result your performance no matter what the sport!

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