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Derek - Body Composition & Weight Loss Client


"Being a 63 year old male who is tied to the computer most of the day and often traveling for business purposes, I am pleased to report that because of attendance at Trainer360, my weight has dropped from a high of 94 kg to a steady 81 kg and my muscle tone, flexibility and general well being have improved out of sight. I have no hesitation in recommending Craig and Trainer360 to everyone."
Derek - Age 63 (Electrical Engineer & International Consultant

"I have now been going to Craig for over 2 years. Prior to seeing Craig I was very disabled with chronic shoulder problems and intermittent back pain, mainly at work. I also suffered from recurrent calf muscle tears which stopped me running.
Following his advice regarding rehabilitation and strengthening there has been a great improvement.
My diet has changed under his advice to increase muscle mass and fitness. I now have full range of movement in my shoulder and only very occasional, mild irritation. My strength has increased significantly and I can now hit the golf ball 20metres further. I no longer have back pain. My calf muscle problems have resolved with correction of underlying imbalances and I am back running.
In addition the sessions are enjoyable with frequent changes to keep them interesting.
I am very happy to recommend Craig as your personal trainer."

Marcel - Age 51 (Radiologist)

"I have been training with Craig for the past two years and have benefited greatly from this. In the past I have suffered from lower back pain which restricted many of my activities such as golf, tennis, skiing and painting. Craig has concentrated on strengthening exercises which have significantly improved my back and I now feel much stronger. I now have an unrestricted golf swing and am able to do activities I struggled with prior to my training. The one-on-one training means I can challenge myself safely and maintaining correct posture etc is assured. His nutritional knowledge and advice have also been extremely beneficial to me. My program changes regularly and this keeps the sessions interesting and challenging. I would highly recommend Craig as a personal trainer."
Mel - Age 49 (Artist)



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