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In an effort to provide the highest quality products to my clients I stock Poliquin Performance Dietary Supplements as well as New Zealand made, premium quality protein powders & fish oils.

Poliquin Performance products are engineered to mimic food sources found in nature and contain therapeutic blends of herbs, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals. Poliquin Performance use patented Albion Chelated Minerals that ensure 1st class effectiveness and rapid absorption of nutrients into your body’s tissues. All products are manufactured under the strictest quality control and are monitored for the presence of solvents, pesticides, herbicides, PCBs and Heavy Metals.

My expertise allows you to focus on reaching your goals faster without worrying about the effectiveness, purity and safety of the products you are consuming.

Many of my clients who use a basic supplementation program alongside good eating and exercise habits report less cold and flu exposure, better digestion, improved sleep quality, better hair and stronger nails, more energy, improved ability to manage stress.

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IF YOU ALWAYS do what you've always DONE...
then you'll always BE WHO YOU"VE ALWAYS Been

Supplements have had their fair share of bad press of late but I find it interesting that the media are quick to jump on any feeble studies that find links to dietary supplements and cancer or death but choose to ignore the thousands of studies which show beneficial health correlations of supplemented nutrients. That's not to say that all supplements are good for you. Toxicity can occur if megadosing of supplements occurs but in the doses most people are taking them this is not an issue. In most cases if the dose is too high you'll soon realise that something isn't right before you keel over or die a painful death like some media organisations and health professionals will have you believe.


If you would prefer to purchase product from right here in New Zealand just email or call me and I can arrange postage and delivery for any products that I currently have in stock.

Protein Powders - flavored and unflavored
Digestive Support

Omega 3's
BCAA Excellence

Estrogen Defense Formulas
Multivitamins - Men's and Women's
Herbal Stress Management Formulas
Magnesium & Zinc Separates
Joint & Inflammation Support

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