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Crossift / Circuit & Metabolic Training

If pain is your game then this is the training style for you! Crossfit is the newest health trend that's taking the fitness industry by storm. Crossfit is essentially cross training in brutal circuit formats that are designed to push you and your body its limits.

Workouts are changed daily in a WOD or Workout Of The Day. Many of the standardized circuits have been given girls names like Cindy, Barbara, Elizabeth or my personal favorite Kelly or are named after Heroes killed in action from various Fire, Armed or Police forces around the states.

Crossfit is definitely not for the faint hearted and it can have limitations in that there is often little to no assessment criteria provided at crossfit centres and for those who are unfit this could potentially lead to serious injuries.

However, I truly believe that under the right supervision and experienced instruction, proper technique coaching can easily ensure crossfit becomes a tool that helps you to be fittest, strongest and healthiest that you've ever been before.

So if your sport is your training then this could be your answer to motivate and get the results youre after...

So why not give it a try today with my deal of the month?


WHEN IT COMES TO SUCCESS - just remember that
Huge Trees grow from
VERY SMALL acorns!

Choose from one of three monthly programme options...

Transformation Option.

Up to 4 x 30min sessions / week for 4 weeks (16 Sessions)
Your Investment: $500
(Normally $640, your savings = $140 )
Triple Burner Option.

Up to 3 x 30min sessions / week for 4 weeks (12 Sessions)
Your Investment: $400
(Normally $480 your savings = $80)
Kick Start Option.
Up to 2 x 30min sessions / week for 4 weeks (8 Sessions)
Your Investment: $300
(Normally $320 your savings = $20)

The October special includes a biosignature assessment, nutrition and lifestyle coaching as well as the all important combination of Metabolic Circuit Training and Strength Sessions that will help being you body transformation from fat to fabulous!


Get fit in super quick time as I take you through weekly fitness challenges that are designed to push you to your limits and produces ultra fast results. Personal Training Christchurch sessions are timed and reps / rounds are recorded so that you can compare your results next time you do the same session.
Sessions are short and affordable meaning that your precious investment of time and money maximise their returns!

  • From $8 / session / person
  • Sessions are 30mins short
  • Maximum of 6 in a group
  • Crossfit style & Circuit training sessions
  • Set times each week
  • Convenience of lunch time or after work sessions
  • Weekly ranking tables are optional
  • Benefit from the motivation of competition against yourself and your colleagues

    Call 021 0248 2663 or email to book or to come in for a chat to find out more

TRAINER360° is offering in studio fitness training to small groups...

  • Get a group of 3-4 friends together and pay just $20 / person / session
  • Packages are for personal training twice a week for 6 weeks.
  • 2 x Individual assessments will be carried out on each person before and after so that you can see any changes that take place over the six weeks.
  • Training will be done in a circuit / crossfit style format taking into account your group and individual fitness levels.
  • Individual and team scores / times can be recorded so that you can compare your group to others and / or your friends.
  • Sessions include a warm up, crossfit style circuit and specialized instruction on exercise technique, assorted injury prevention exercises and stretches.
  • Weekly emails containing tips for improving your body composition are also included.
  • Set times each week for your group - Options of week nights, lunch and / or Saturday Sessions are available in limited numbers.
  • Circuits are a fun and efficient way to train and exercises will be monitored closely to ensure you are performing each exercise with good form and technique.
  • A great way to save money, workout and get real strong and real fit real fast.
  • Ideal to do with friends, colleagues or team mates for sports conditioning.

    Total cost of the 6 week package including assessments and weekly emails is $300 / person. (Usually valued at around $1000)

    Call or email for more details

One of the most effective supplements for improving body composition are BCAA's. BCAA's are essential amino acids
that cannot be synthesized by your body and therefore must be consumed in your diet.
There is plenty of good research showing that consuming BCAA's pre, post or during a workout can enhance strength, decrease recovery time and improve the conditions for muscle synthesis, thus leading to strength and mass gains.



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